Anal Douche: How to Properly Do It

From the back, pop, and tergo – there are many names for anal sex. Sure, this practice is not everyone’s or everybody’s thing and nobody should feel compelled to practice anal sex if they do not feel like it. The anticipation! However, if you have become curious, sexologists have five important tips for relaxing anal sex and also on how to use an anal douche.

Who in sex from behind just “Ouch!” think, he should relax: The anus is an extremely erogenous zone, both in men and in women. Anal sex, if done right, does not have to hurt. If you pay attention to a few things, you can discover a whole new world of pleasure for yourself. The key to pleasure, however, is the “anal sex basics”. For all beginners here are five tips from preparation to the right position and also an explanation why anal plugs can be very useful for sex from behind.

Preparation is everything

Let’s not talk about it for a long time, a few rather un-exotic announcements must unfortunately be:

Point 1: If you want to have anal sex, you should not have to go to the bathroom.

Point 2: Take an extended bath or shower just before it gets down to business. If you follow this rule, you are simply more relaxed because you feel completely comfortable and your partner will be happy when everything is fresh. Also important: do not forget the condoms. Sexual diseases can also be transmitted during anal sex.


Not always easy, but for sex from behind it requires relaxed muscles, otherwise it is not, or it hurts. Relaxation display is the magic word. There are a few ways to provide for this relaxation. First, the room should be warm and comfortable – feel-good temperature. It also helps many women, if the partner gently caresses the anus before or pampers the area around with kisses and sucking at least here the shower was worthwhile before. And third tip, which serves less of relaxation, but is extremely helpful: use lubricants. The more is the better.

Sit upstairs

Sure, who thinks of anal sex, which is the first of the doggy style? Say: She kneels in front of him and he penetrates from behind. It is also different. Especially for women who are concerned that he cannot be stopped in the heat of the moment and is going too hard, there is a good alternative by relying on him.

In this way, the woman can control how deep and how fast the whole thing happens. In addition, he can additionally stimulate her clitoris. Tip for advanced: If you feel like sitting up with the face to the partner (vice versa) and still uses a dildo for double penetration.

Anal plugs

Anal plugs – Sex toys inserted into the anus  are quite useful for two reasons and therefore have their big on the anal sex. For one thing, they are another way to relax the muscles and make penetration from behind easier. In addition, they are a great way to get used to the feeling at this point, and to sensitize for anal sex. For those who are having sex from behind for the first time, definitely new territory to discover.

Important: Lubricants are also helpful for the anal plug. Unlike vibrators that are moved in and out, the plug stays inside. But he can be moved back and forth a little bit. Just test it out. Those who are not trained ask the partner. One more thing: anal plugs come in all shapes and sizes. So who is not so practiced, first try a smaller size. Try princess plugs they can make anal games even more fun. And don’t forget to leave a review on our favourite princess plugs at Loveplugs.

Anal chain and vibrator

Anal plugs are not the only sex toy for the anus. The big brothers of the plug are called anal vibrator and anal chain. The anal chain also massages the man’s prostate every time he moves. However, when the chain is pulled out, the nerve endings on the edge of the anus are stimulated, which can be quite exciting.

Anal vibrators are also suitable for stimulating nerve endings before anal sex. You can introduce it and move it slowly back and forth – you will be amazed! All that is missing is the partner of trust with whom you can discover the extremely acrogenic Anus.

Who decides to try anal sex for the first time, is usually quite insecure. There is a prejudice that sex can be very uncomfortable from the back and in the worst case even painful. In fact, anal sex can be a great and very erotic experience for both partners. The important thing is that you pay attention to some tips.

Agreeing is the alpha and omega

Anal sex should be discussed with the partner first. Especially if none of the partners has previously had experience with sex from behind. Through a conversation wishes can be clearly defined and limits. If there are fears or worries that are already causing your headaches before, these should be discussed with the partner and, if possible, procured.

Anal sex: preparation is half the battle

On the one hand, there is the aspect of ‘clearing the way’. Anyone planning anal intercourse should drink coffee in the morning if possible to get the digestion going. Anal sex makes little joy when the toilet visit has failed.

In addition, before the anal sex, of course, should be paid extensively to cleanliness. Before it gets down to business, an extended shower is helpful. You feel more relaxed and know that everything is clean and fresh.

In addition, condoms are indispensable. In the intestine are bacteria that can cause venereal diseases. Even if you want to switch to vaginal sex after anal sex, you have to be careful. Be sure to change the condom and, ideally, your partner will subject their penis to a short wash before continuing.

Anal sex does not have to be from behind

Who thinks of anal sex, automatically thinks of the term ‘from behind’. But anal intercourse does not always take place in doggy style. There is certainly sex positions in which one does not have to turn his back on his partner and still have pleasant anal sex. A good variant is for example the riding position. Here, the woman sits on the lap of the man and has her face turned to his. In this position, it is also easier for the woman to determine the frequency and intensity of the sex.

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