How to Choose the Right Anal Toy Size

For the first time, when you hear about how much pleasant sensations an anal play can bring, the question arises: “Where should I start?” Well, the easiest way is to use anal plug for beginners. It doesn’t matter if you want to experience anal pleasure on your own or with a partner, the main thing is not to hurry and start with a small toy. This guide is dedicated to its selection.

What you should pay attention to?

Anal sex requires preparation. And you need to start with the correct selection of toys. You should not immediately look at large models the size of a man’s penis. Ass need to develop gradually. When choosing a plug, pay attention to the following criteria:

The size: For the first time, it should be small, approximately as thick as a finger, have a wedge-shaped design. It is desirable that the product was specifically designed for beginners’ anal games. Small size and a tip that is very easy to insert – this is the perfect anal plug for the first time.

Convenience in management: Well, if the toy can be controlled remotely. One click of a button, and now you enjoy anal sex. There is no such control, pay attention so that the toy can be easily removed by you. If the toy has a comfortable pen, you can easily experiment alone.

The presence of vibration: Vibration in the anal plug – a nice bonus. When you want to not only feel the fullness and stretch the anus, but also to get the opportunity to reach a powerful orgasm, various levels of vibration will help in this.

Material: Ideally, it should be hypoallergenic, that is, suitable even for people with the most sensitive skin and mucous membranes. The best anal products are made from smooth, seamless silicone. It is absolutely safe for the body.

The best assistant in the first anal game is a traffic jam. Butt plugs – conical products, may be made of glass, steel, silicone. Unlike many other types of products, they have a limiter, due to which the toy does not slip further than necessary and does not fall into the rectum. It helps to feel fullness, stretch the anus. As long as the cork is inside – you will get used to this feeling.

Spectra – Gels cork is made with a universal curved shape.

It will be pleasant for women to stimulate point G, men to massage the prostate. It turns out a double pleasure. It is made of hypoallergenic PVC, which quite quickly acquires body temperature. Due to this, the toy will not be perceived as something cold and alien. Diameter – 2.5 cm, length – 10 cm.

Hot Planet Unicorn Playful has a shape resembling an anal Christmas tree.

The tip is thin and rounded – for easy penetration. With it you will not need to press and push inwards, it will slip into the pre-lubricated itself then five small smooth balls to massage each part of the ass. Cork is made of medical silicone, it does not absorb odors, and these are very important criteria for anal toys. The length of the working part is only 8 cm, and the diameter in the widest place reaches no more than 3 cm.

Butt plugs B-vibe – Noise has a remote control.

You don’t need to worry about anything with it, it’s enough to insert it, and then the control panel will do the work for you. In size: 8.5 cm in length and from 1.5 cm to 2, 5 cm in diameter. In addition, the plug with vibration, and powerful: 15 modes, 6 levels. With them, it will be both tougher and more gentle – adjust the intensity based on your desires. Included with the toy is a storage pouch, USB-cord for contactless recharging.

Jelly Rancher T-Plug – Wave – Black will help prepare your ass for adventure.

The toy is focused on comfortable wearing, you can walk with it for several hours before anal penetration, so that it does not hurt you, and your partner entered without special effort. Product material is compatible with water-based lubricants, and does not require special care. Length – 9.6 cm, diameter – 2.8 cm. If you wear a plug during classic vaginal sex, it not only does not hurt, but also helps to narrow the vagina.

Butt plug Prince Small has a convenient ring-shaped handle at the base, for which it will be convenient to pull out a toy at any time. It is only 2 cm in diameter, 5 cm in working length. This is thee very thing for the first experience. check them out at Loveplugs

Anal balls, chains and beads are another suitable toy for beginners.

Usually they have a rounded shape, are fastened together by a barely noticeable web or a thread, have a small diameter at the tip and expand to the base. With their help, you can stimulate the sensory orifice, without resorting to a strong expansion with the help of cork. However, not everyone is ready to put even small plug-ins in the first time.

Due to the fact that each ball has a different size, the hole with them will stretch smoothly.

You can first try to enter a couple of balls, gradually moving to wider ones. But the most piquant moment is waiting at the end, when the beads need to be removed. This should be done smoothly and slowly in order to feel the whole range of sensations from stimulation of the sphincter nerve endings. Many even end up from such stimulation.

Madness Erotic Fantasy beads are a budget option, having everything you needs to help you feel the joys of games with a back opening. There are five beads on a string, each with a diameter of 1.8 cm.

Anal balls – Anal Beads are made of safe silicone. You could see them in adult films, because they are released by the well-known Porn studio. All balls of different sizes from 0.5-2 cm. A good option is to feel the gradual immersion.

First Time Love Beads is a fairly long chain (21 cm) for those who want to immediately begin deep penetration. The balls on it are small, so the game with the chain will not provide any discomfort, but it will help to feel your full-length hole.

Is it possible to start anal sex without training on toys?

Experienced sex gurus and sexologists recommend first try out toys for anal sex, and after starting sex with a real partner. There are several reasons for this:

First, first you need to try everything alone. This is the same as with classic sex: first masturbation, the study of one’s own body, erogenous zones, and after having sex for two. One is easier, you can not be shy, you do not need to worry that it will become painful and you will have to break off your partner as soon as he starts to accelerate and enjoy. And it will be clear that you like more and what pace is more suitable, and it will be much easier to relax.

Secondly, the anus must first be stretched thoroughly, and after starting to penetrate fully. Muscles should get used to it, and even if you begin immediately with deep contacts, it will be painful and unpleasant. Even if you decide to try sex with a partner, it will not hurt to first insert the anal plug, then proceed to pleasant preludes and only then, after removing the toy, take the partner into the ass.

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