How to Use Butt Plugs for Maximum Pleasure

While sex through vaginal penetration is classic and assumed by everyone, anal sex is a decision of each couple. The man is the one who usually makes the proposal, and you try once to decide if you like it or not and if you want to put it in the menu. The first impression is crucial with regard to anal sex, many women refusing to deal with the act because of the discomfort or even the pain that sometimes accompany it.

The detail you omit is that you may miss a real pleasure just because you have not prepared yourself for the first date with anal sex. Unlike normal sex, where only first experiences are known to be painful, anal sex is regarded with hesitation because the pain is the same every time. That’s why the first impression counts! Well, there are a lot of tactics that can turn anal sex into an intense and rewarding experience right from the first attempt and for this is one of reason why would someone want usb butt plug. You can even wear a butt plug outdoors.

Step 1 – The attitude of pro anal sex

If it seems like a dirty act or does not tempt you at all the idea, it is not necessary to try it for his sake only, hoping that the appetite comes by eating. When you accept to have sex, you have to be really curious and free of inhibitions on this subject. It is advisable to experience the touches in the anus area before. You can not want a certain kind of food if you do not know its taste. First experience the touch of the anus with a well-lubricated finger. Include this practice in your regular sex parties. It is not excluded that you have the first anal orgasm in this manner. Then, you can venture into the actual penetration of your own.

Step 2 – Prelude to anal sex

Any party of anal sex cannot be started passionately, without prelude, except in rare cases. Even in adult movies, the actresses need heating. The anal sphincter binds to any sense of fear or anxiety. That’s why your relaxation and partner’s patience counts enormously. Well, if you are at the beginning of the road, heating is essential. Your boyfriend must first stimulate your clitoral and vagina and make sure that you are very excited, in total! You can first make a normal sex until you get as close as possible to orgasm. Throughout this time he can stimulate your anal, but with a toy or a finger. From this moment you set when you’re ready to start anal penetration.

Step 3 – Toys for anal sex

In search of anal pleasure, do not hesitate to buy sex toys. They are specially created for anal stimulation, causing as much pleasure as possible. Thus, you will look at anal sex from a new perspective, a pleasure one. Here are the toys for the anal area: Butt plugs are small toys especially made for beginners. Manufacturers use fine and elastic fabrics to avoid painful penetration even for the worst. The shapes are conical, and some also have vibrations of adjustable intensity. Some plug pins have a ring at the end, so your boyfriend can attach it to one finger and can stimulate your anal without any effort while doing normal sex. Depending on the facilities, prices range from 25 to 450 dollars. Anal balls are ball -shaped toys. Some are inflatable and can also be adjusted to the desired size, with adjustable vibrations. They help you to easily achieve anal orgasm. Prices vary from 15 to 230 dollars.

Anal vibrators do not have the usual vibrator shapes. They are often thinner and specially made for anal stimulation. Prices range from 50 to 300 dollars. Anal dildos are somewhat larger in size and are specifically aimed at those who have already found pleasure in anal sex and want to experience strangers’ sensations. Multiple forms are ingeniously built and thank everyone. Prices vary depending on complexity, from 30 to 400 dollars. You can use anal toys to discover the pleasure of stimulating this area and you can integrate them into prelude or even in regular sex parties. Last but not least, they are preparing you through gradual stimulation for anal sex.

Step 4 – Positions of anal sex

Once you have gone through stimulation and prelude and are ready for anal penetration, the position is very important. In sex through vaginal penetration, the “woman above” is the ideal position, because the partner is the one who controls the rhythm and the depth of penetration. In the case of anal sex the position is contra-indicated! For a successful anal sex game you have to choose those positions in which you avoid the movement.

Why? Because you keep relaxing the anal sphincter, and the “procedure” does not get painful. Here are the best positions of anal sex: The best position for beginners is that of the missionary, except that you sit on your stomach, not on your back. In this position you do not need to move and you can relax. Guide it with your arms to get the rhythm and depth of penetration you want. You can set a code: if you squeeze it, it means you have to be gentler. A position that pleases you is a variation of the missionary. Sit back, knees in the air. Your partner will kneel before you to find the right penetration angle. In this position you have some more freedom of movement if you feel you are ready for more action. An anal sex position for the most advanced is doggie-style. The position retains the characteristics of vaginal penetration, only penetration is anal. Your loved one must be more careful at the angle of penetration in this case. Step 5 – Anal orgasm, how do you get it? When you have anal sex, do not forget the other erogenous areas. The chances of having anal orgasm increase if your lover stimulates both your vaginal and clitoral. Many women consider anal sex a novel fantasy, managing to achieve orgasm and rich imagination. At the same time, anal orgasm is said to be the most intense type of orgasm and, through multiple stimulation, it also triggers the vaginal and the clitoral. As for anal sex, there are only two extremes, pain or pleasure. It’s up to you to touch the extreme of pleasure! Before you practice anal sex, be aware of the risks and methods of protection!

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