The Ultimate Guide in Using Anal Plugs for the First Time

Especially with anal plugs for beginners should be taken some time for the selection because if you as a beginner select the wrong butt plug, after the first anticipation could directly enter the big disappointment.

On what you as a beginner should pay attention to a butt plug!

Once you have decided on the new, mostly very exciting type of sexual stimulation, the choice of the first anal plug follows. Here expert recommend choosing a soft anal plug made of silicone. In addition, you pay attention to the flexibility. Butt plug and chafing makes insertion into the anus much easier.

Look at the size of anal plugs for beginners

Again, it makes sense not immediately to buy the largest anal plug. Try smaller anal plugs at the beginning and slowly increase in size. Often there are extra starter sets, which usually give you three to four anal plugs in different sizes and types. So you quickly find the right anal plug for yourself.

Summary of anal plugs for beginners in a nutshell

To gain some experience in anal sex, anal plugs are the first choice. These slowly stretch the muscles of the anus while they also stimulate the stimulation. This is exactly what anal plugs for beginners help, as they are smaller and softer. Look for flexible silicone anal plugs.

In this guide we have many more interesting aids and tips on anal sex. So you can also read the first application of an anal plug. If your you can try¬† using a butt plug with boosted testosterone because you’re bound to feel more pleasure because of the elevated libido.

In the category Anal Plug the best product is Deluxe Silicone. Experts definitely recommend a price comparison, so you get the cheapest price for your order. Why should you pay more than you absolutely have to? After all, a cheap price does not automatically mean that it’s a bad product.

High score: the butt plug test winner 2018

In this post you will learn everything about anal plug, of course, with a comparison of the best products in a quick overview. This comparison chart helps you to see the pros and cons at a glance. You can also see here the bestsellers for Anal plug from this year, which we also consider very helpful in the evaluation. Because if a product is bought so often that it appears in the bestseller lists, then it cannot be a flop. By the way, there are interesting hints to videos and other important sources of information are called you.

We would like to point out that in this case not our experts have organized an anal plug test. However, after thorough research and detailed analysis of the reviews of customers, testimonials and test reports, we can make a good conscience recommendation. Once battled by the wealth of information, we have the know-how to show you the best in anal plugging. On the basis of the best list you can see our anal plug test winners, which were identified among other things on the basis of the bestsellers of the appropriate category of our experts. When creating the leader board, our experts go through customer reviews. Thus, you can be sure that no one-sided positive statements led to the result. If you know how to interpret the pros and cons of other users correctly, it is not difficult to identify the right product.

Buy anal plug – these tips you should know

If you decide to buy butt plugs, please first take note of the following points that our test experts have compiled for you in a checklist. With consideration of the list and our recommendation, you save not only the effort of time-consuming own research, but also cash money. Nothing is more annoying than to find out later that the article does not fit your own wishes.

Manufacturer: Are there well-known manufacturers for anal plug? Mostly, good brands also produce good products.

Reviews: Are there any serious reviews about anal plug? Good reviews not only praise a product from the sky, but also describe any defects.

Size: In which dimensions is the product available? Is it even suitable for me or my purpose?

Test results: Which manufacturer is test winner for anal plug? Do I know any other products from this manufacturer and have been satisfied?

Price: Where is the best value for money?

Comparison: A price comparison is always worthwhile! You do not want to spend unnecessarily much money on a product, if the same thing is cheaper elsewhere.

In order to get the best product for you, you should use the checklist to compare and evaluate the anal plug products. If you really want to make your own comparison test , our experts recommend you to order several products at once because only in direct comparison you come to your individual test winner.

External info sources for anal plug

On the following websites you can find more in-depth information and reviews on anal plug. Think about what you promise of the product and inform you exactly before buying, so that you are satisfied afterwards. If you’re interested, here’s a link of loveplugs collections of butt plugs that you can choose from

Similarly, websites are suitable for other buyers of anal plug products to publish their testimonials after their own practice test in order to give you an opinion. You can trust customer reviews and recommendations, especially when customers have been using the products for some time. Filter out the information you need to take a picture and hide inappropriate comments.


It is certainly not easy to find the best product because anal plug is sold by many manufacturers. But if you pay attention to the researched tests or to test reports, you will make a good selection. After all, no one can take the decision on which product you should soon belong to you. Thus, it is important that you can rely on reviews and reviews from various sources.

By the way, you can also look at the leader boards of established journals and their online presence, which will be constantly updated. Also there are many tips and information on anal plug and the test winner. It is best to look for the leader boards from the current year, to ensure that the product still exists in the desired form. The editorial offices of the well-known magazines often make their own tests, so you can benefit from their experience.

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