Understanding How to Use Anal Beads Better

There are many myths and ambiguities about anal sex. Two common opinions are that it can become a ‘dirty’ chore and painful. But as with everything that is unknown and new, here too, good preparation is half the work. And do not forget: practice makes perfect. It is important that you are relaxed and at ease. Before starting also learn how to take care and clean anal beads.


Anal sex does not have to be unhygienic at all; if you first make sure you clean yourself. This is possible in principle with water and a soap-free ‘soap’, but there are also special anal showers. This can be filled with lukewarm water (not too hot or too cold, that can cause cramps) and then you can rinse yourself with it until the water is completely clear. If you are in the mood, there are special attachments for the anal shower available that provide extra stimulation.


There are various lubricants available for use in anal sex. The biggest difference is between water-based lubricants and silicone base. In principle both can be used, but only water-based lubricants are safe for all types of toys . A water-based lubricant is also easier to clean, since it dissolves through water. Many, however, prefer lubricants based on silicone because of the thicker substance. But did you know that there is water-based lubricant, which is especially for anal sex? This lubricant is, despite being water-based, still of a firmer texture.

Special sprays and creams are also available for anal sex. These are not necessary, but may give just that little bit of relief that is required at the first time. In principle, however, anal sex should not hurt. Do you feel pain, it has to do with the fact that penetration with too large an object takes place, or simply too fast. The use of lubricant is actually essential. Of course, the body anally makes some fluid, but this is usually never sufficient. Do yourself or your partner a favor and use a good lubricant.


As mentioned earlier, anal sex should not be painful. Our anatomy, both of the man and of the woman, is made in such a way to enjoy anal sex. That anal sex can sometimes be unpleasant, has to do with the format with which penetration is done. It is therefore important to practice and prepare yourself or your partner. It is advisable to use a starter kit, such as the Rocky set. This comes with a small plug, a vibrating plug and an anal shower. This way you can try out what you and / or your partner like the most. Another product that is worth trying is the anal beads. The ribbed structure can give extra stimulation for both men and women. Also, the beads are often increasing in size, so that they can be trained with them. You should also know how to take care and clean anal beads.

Finally: do not forget to use a condom for the toy if you use it for both anal and vaginal penetration, or if you are planning to share a toy! Also use only toys that are intended for anal use. These have a handle or notch in the product, with which can be prevented that a toy unwanted in the body ‘search’.

Both men and women are interested in anal sex, but why? In any case, it is a new experience, the P-spot is enormously aphrodisiac and an anus feels extra tight. But perhaps many anal sex find interesting because the P-spot can be found in the anus. The P-spot is the G-spot of men, or the A-spot. The P-spot is located approximately 5 cm in the anus, where the prostate and your rectum can be felt. By stimulating the P-spot during sex you will cum faster and more intense and men and women can reach an unprecedented high. You can also stimulate the P-spot for the first time with a P-spot dild o or P-spot vibrator. Another reason can be religious conviction. Many women do not want to be stimulated vaginally for their faith and then anal sex can be a godsend. Get yours atĀ LovePlugs

Can anyone enjoy anal sex immediately?

Anal sex can hurt and even a slight bleeding may occur the first few times. Because the P-spot is in the anus we advise you to discover it quietly. Make sure you – as a recipient – are relaxed and that you – as well – first caress the anus and also dampen this opening with saliva and / or water-based lubricant or anal lubricant. It is important that you build up anal sex, start small and always increase the size you insert. You will always have to stimulate the anus step-by-step and take your time for it. It is important that it feels good and that you do not immediately ‘overload’ the anus. Take a look at Sex shop City for an anal starter kit that allows you through different formats butt plug aims for a final penetration of a penis.

How do you satisfy each other with anal sex?

Predict: You can stimulate the anus by fingering or penetrating it. As we mentioned earlier, not everyone likes to be stimulated anally. When you feel like it, it is very nice to caress the anus, but make sure your finger is wet by saliva or lubricant. Because the anus is not ‘wet’ because you are excited, lubricant (water-based) is always necessary. When you put your finger in the anus, you feel that it automatically contracts. You can hold your finger in the anus until you feel the sphincter relax again. Then you can stimulate and tease the anus by moving your fingertip or making penetrating movements. Many cannot come from an anal penetration alone, but when the anus is stimulated during masturbation or oral satisfaction an unprecedented climax will be reached. Satisfy the anus of your partner once orally. This will guarantee an exciting feeling.

Penetration: In order to stimulate the P-spot optimally during penetration we advise the Doggy-style. Here you lean on your hands and knees and your partner will penetrate you when he is sitting on his knees behind you. Communicate well with your partner how deeply you want to / can be penetrated anally. Try this too while you stand, bend forward or spoon-spoon. Please note that anal sex is not a vagina sex. As a giver you have to ‘bump’ carefully and stimulate your partner with great care. As a tool you can use sex toys for this, so you can maintain the correct postures and thus enjoy your anal experience even more.

Enjoy safe first time anal sex

Hygiene: In anal sex we want to draw your extra attention to hygiene. In order to reduce a possible risk of defecation during the stimulation of the anus, we advise the ‘received’ to go to the toilet in advance or to take an anal shower. We advise you to always use an extra strong condom when you choose to penetrate each other anally. With these condoms it is a lot more hygienic and because of this you have less chance of infection or venereal disease. Also keep in mind that it is not hygienic to penetrate your partner anally and then vaginally. Hopefully you now have enough information and tips to enjoy the first time anal sex.

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