Why do single people need to join sex boot camps more often?

What’s synonymous with summer when you’re a kid? Summer recess? Ice creams and sunny weather? Well, yes. Both of those. However, most kids remember boot camps where they learn new skills and make friends. But did you know there were boot camps for adults that have nothing to do with military mumbo-jumbo? Yep! These boot camps are all about sex education for folks willing to relearn the basics and find out new stuff.


These private camps offer all sorts of courses and views on sexuality. Most accept a limited number of participants and cost around $200. During the duration of the classes, both men and women get to go through all things important when it comes to love-making, from understanding how human bodies work to what boundaries mean. As such, allow us to introduce you to some facts about sex boot camps before you enroll.

Sexual Experience

Although it might sound strange to some, many adults are virgins. For one reason or another, they haven’t had a sexual experience in their life. Some choose to wait until they meet someone special, others wait for marriage, and some are socially awkward to become intimate with a partner.


Nevertheless, there’s no shame in it. And if they feel bad about it, well, they can always count on sex boot camp to up their chances. But sex boot camps aren’t places where people come to have sex with other singles. It’s a place where people enroll to acquire more knowledge about the sexual experience.

Understanding Everyone’s Bodies

Being at a sex-ed boot camp allows both men and women to acquire more knowledge about how human bodies work. However, it’s not just about the basic physiological functions of our organism. It’s actually about male and female genitals and how our bodies respond to being sexually active, aroused, and so on.


Such a topic implies challenging questions from people who enroll. Yet, your sex drill sergeants are fully prepared to give out answers. As such, there’s no such thing as a hard question. You can ask anything that comes to your mind. The whole idea is for students to be proactive, constantly asking about stuff they don’t know, keeping the convo going.

Learning the Risks and Dangers of Unsafe Sex

One of the most important things to learn from sex boot camps is the dangers of unsafe sex. Although it should be common knowledge, sexual health is often overlooked by various social groups in America. Therefore, many young people, and adults with no sexual experience, have no clue how to treat their bodies while enjoying intercourse.


Sex boot camp education services may conduct talks about STIs, preservatives, and overall safer sex. It’s like being a teen all over again, yet you’re ready to listen and adopt essential info about your health. The whole idea is to promote healthy relationships. But speaking of health, it’s not just about condoms and baths. It’s also about how you communicate and interact with your partners. Hence, let’s see what sex boot camps have to say about that.

Boundaries and Consent

The unfortunate reality is that we live in a day and age where boundaries and consent seem to be misunderstood concepts. It’s almost like we hear news on the media about how this or that celebrity was abusing their power to exploit others sexually, women especially. Therefore, sex boot camps equip their students with clear notions about these two concepts.


One of the main ideas of camps like these is to reeducate adults positively. The conversations revolve around explaining how no means no. Furthermore, educators speak about understanding that it’s fully okay to stop in the middle of the act and ask your partner if they feel comfortable. All in all, these camps offer blueprints to being a mature and respectful sexual partner, regardless of your experience.

Learning Ways to Satisfy Kinks and Fetishes

Since we’ve said how sex-ed camps are prepared to talk about any sex-related topic, we must mention their stance on kinks and fetishes. As we know, everyone has that special something that makes them click in bed. Be it this or that — it doesn’t matter. The only thing that does is that fetishes and kinks need fulfillment. In case you don’t satisfy them, well, it’s safe to assume you won’t have a great time sex-wise.


However, not all fetishes are equal. Some are more acceptable, while others, unfortunately, aren’t exactly legal. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t talk about them with your counselors. In fact, they encourage you to speak out. And if you struggle with something, they can recommend sex therapy or other ways around your issues.


Either way, it’s important to remember that there’s no shame in speaking your mind. This is something you’ll hear a lot about if you enroll in one of these camps.


Things to Reconsider

Just like with any course out there, there are doubts before you enroll. Yet, when it comes to sex-ed camps, well, the only issue might be money. If you think about it, all these things you’ll hear educators talk about are easily accessible with just a few taps and clicks on your smartphone. You won’t hear any ancient hidden secret, nor any special wisdom. It’s mostly things people gather during their lives.


But, then again, that’s why anyone would join a camp like this. It’s meant for people with zero sexual experience: people who never had intimate partners and never came close to second base (which is, once again, completely fine). The only issue might be that you can acquire all this knowledge without paying to enroll. You can Google your way through any sex-related question at any time and get tons of answers, articles, and medical facts.

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